Kilimanjaro Adventure Package

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and the worlds’ highest freestanding mountain standing boldly at 5895 meters above sea level and also a dormant volcano, based in Tanzania. For many this is enough of a reason to climb but its majestic allure and natural beauty adds to its appeal.

The Kilimanjaro Adventure Package is one which aims to prepare the climber such that climbing Kilimanjaro is a success and an experience of a lifetime. This is done through a talk by an adventurer, Lysle Turner, who has climbed Kilimanjaro 8 times including an unsupported speed ascent in 11:07 hours. He will address your gear, training, general mental preparation, possible experiences on the mountain, the itinerary and any questions regarding the climb. Ultimately, unravelling the key elements that can lead to a successful summit.

An endeavour of this kind is one where key information is required in decision-making and to assist with this process, the information on routes, training and gear, expectations and images, pricing, tipping and guides is below.